A practical guide for the igneous rocks of the Carpathian-Pannonian region

Szabolcs Harangi, DSc

György Szakmány, PhD

Sándor Józsa, PhD

Réka Lukács, PhD

Tamás Sági, MSc

Szabolcs Harangi, DSc

Elemér Pál-Molnár, PhD

ISBN 978-963-284-479-4

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Igneous rocks in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
II.1. Ultrabasic rocks
II.2. Basic/Mafic igneous rocks
II.3. Intermediate igneous rocks
II.4. Acidic (silicic) igneous rocks
II.5. Alkali Si-undersaturated igneous rocks (Foidolites)
III. Further readings