Task 1:

Comparison of functions of a classic and modern museum building

Choose a museum that was built at the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century and compare it with a contemporary exhibition site in the same city! (Hungarian examples for comparison: the Déri Museum and MODEM, a modern exhibition hall in Debrecen; the Hungarian National Gallery in Buda Castle and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest; the Ferenc Móra Museum in Szeged and the “Cifra Palota”, a new exhibition facility in an Art Nouveau building.)

Using photographs and floor plans found on the internet see how they are situated in their cities. Go and visit to observe where their different exhibition spaces and recreational areas are located. Imagine that you are a museum educator commissioned to design family programmes in the two institutions. Where would you take the visitors? What would you do, and for how long? How would you advertise the programme outside and inside the museum? What would be the differences among the two programmes organised in the old and new exhibition site?