Task 2:

Exhibition design at a special venue

You are a curator who intends to organise a display for a young designer in an unusual place. Walk around your neighbourhood and try to find a suitable location that would be good for exhibiting textile, glass, woodwork, etc. – the genre of choice of your designer. Photograph the venue and describe your installation ideas in a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation and show why you selected the site and how you are going to utilise its features. Write notes describing your ideas under each PowerPoint slide (or in a document, if you are using Prezi) to share with the artist and the sponsors! In your seminar group, present – and, if necessary – defend the feasibility of your project!

Your work will be more authentic (and more enjoyable for your audience) if you have a real, practising designer in mind. Find one at a museum or gallery of applied arts and before you start the search for a suitable environment look for his or her works on the internet and in libraries.