Task 1:

Invite a friend to solve this task! (Offer a beer for his or her time, and choose someone whose mindset is similar to yours.)

Your mission is to create an exhibition space in a barn of about 30 square metres for an alternative cultural festival organised in a small village. Choose a theme that you feel is appropriate for such an unusual venue and occasion, design the installation and other furniture (for example, chairs for resting in the gallery space or a table for selling souvenirs and publications). What sort of cultural event will you organise for the opening? A performance, a concert, a lecture or something else?

Now invite another friend, very different from your first planning partner in taste and other personal characteristics, and discuss the development of the display based on the theme you have chosen for the same venue and occasion (the barn and the village festival). Don’t tell him or her about your previous planning game.

When both plans are done, compare them and also the two planning processes. Are both exhibition designs suitable for the theme? Did you gain new insights through working with two different people on the same display?