6.12. Visitor comfort

According to a German survey, secondary school students ranked the availability of comfortable seats the third most important feature of an exhibition. We asked teachers from three Hungarian secondary schools to repeat the survey, and cosy chairs and benches were again ranked third. If you visit an exhibition with a group of children, you will agree: slowly walking through the halls is a more tiring activity for them than running around, and seats are always welcome. Visitor comfort of course consists of much more than places to rest. It includes an agreeable temperature, a cloakroom near the entrance, information material (maps and signs) to make orientation easy, a museum shop with a wide selection of souvenirs and a café or restaurant for refreshments. In the tasks of this chapter, we give a few examples about concerning the evaluation of the museum experience.

Students tightly squeezed on a bench.

6.39. picture: Children are not used to standing for a long time! (Photo: Tamás Vásárhelyi)