Task 3:

Design a museum education task for adolescents and young adults!

  1. Choose an exhibition that is open right now and within your reach and that is likely to be interesting for 16-25-year-olds. Visit the exhibition and identify themes and related displays that you will include in the events and activities. Read the list of existing museum learning programs, too, that the institution regularly offers and also those designed to accompany this exhibition.

  2. Look for ideas on the home pages of museums intended for young audiences:

    1. Teen Programs, Metropolitan Museum, New York

    2. Teens behind the Scenes, Museum of Modern Art, New York

    3. El Prado Joven (The young Prado), Prado Museum, Madrid

    4. Wissenschaft  für junge Leute (Science for young people), Deutsches Museum, Berlin

    5. JMI – Junge Museumsiniziative (Museum Initiative for Young Visitors), Neues Museum, Nurnberg

  3. Design the event: describe where (in which part of the museum) it is going to be organised, when will it start, what will be the most important scientific / social / cultural contents and messages to communicate? Who will be involved? (For example, curators, actors, artists...)

  4. Compile the Facebook page of the event (but don’t make it public.)